A House Divided: The Lincolns' Confederate Relatives

PANEL 1:  Introduction

Did you know . . . Abraham Lincoln had Confederate relatives from Kentucky?

PANEL 2:  Context

Did you know…the Todd family was divided before the Civil War began?

PANEL 3:  Brothers

Did you know . . . While Abraham Lincoln was president, several of his wife’s brothers served in the Confederate Army?

PANEL 4:  Emilie

Did you know . . . Lincoln’s sister-in-law Emilie was sheltered at the White House even though she was a Confederate widow?

PANEL 5:  Martha

Did you know . . . Mrs. Lincoln’s sister Martha was accused of smuggling supplies to the Confederacy?

PANEL 6:  Wartime Communications

Did you know . . . Lincoln’s Confederate in-laws requested favors from him throughout the war?

PANEL 7:  Criticism

Did you know . . . Abraham and Mary Lincoln’s critics used their Confederate relations as ammunition against them?

PANEL 8:  Conclusion

Did you know . . . A monument to the divisions within the Todd family still stands in Lexington?